A Unique Way to See San Diego Bay!

Instagram-Rich Environment

Bring your family or team (up to 6 people) for a two and a half hour tour of  beautiful and historic San Diego Bay. An opportunity to make memories they’ll be excited to share with others.

What Our Guests Say

It’s such a different way to experience San Diego. Whether looking up at the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, the enormity and beauty of the San Diego Bay Bridge, seals lounging on bouys, or the amazing skyline. Almost without exception, as our guests depart they exclaim, “that was the highlight of our trip!

Participate or Kick Back

Have you ever driven a sailboat? Felt the rush as a six ton yacht glides effortlessly through the waves with nothing but the sound of wind filling her sails? With Lucky Sol Sailing, you can get as involved as you’d like or just enjoy the views.